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My name is Sean Strider, and I have been practicing martial arts for about 20 years. Aside from family and friends, martial arts is my greatest passion in life. As much as I am a teacher, I am a lifelong student.  My many years of training and instruction have sharpened my focus in both philosophy and practice.  My varying life experiences have shaped the way I view the world and subsequently the way I view martial arts.  I share the following to give you insights into the methodology that I share with my students.  I share this to help clarify the training I offer and why I offer it.  With any luck, your interests will align with mine and we can begin developing your individualized curriculum.  

My Martial Arts School is made up of the self defense and fighting techniques of my favorite instructors all rolled up into one package.  I have been training in martial arts for 20 years, and I continue to train and teach all of the following:  

Krav Maga: Escapes Discipline

I love my Krav Maga journey.  I’ve experienced training in Krav Maga gyms that are the modern day form of Kickboxing Fitness classes, and although they provided a good workout, the combat application was lacking.  However, I was lucky enough to train under an instructor who not only trained the combat application of movements, but the social engineering and self defense aspects of fighting on the street.  From awareness, to deescalation, to social engineering, to inflicting maximum damage, Krav Maga teaches the skills to get you home safely to your loved ones.  If someone manages to grab hold of us or threaten us in some manner, we will have an answer to that.  We will train through the use of roleplay and scenarios so we can think as rationally as possible when faced with a threat. We also work on self improvement so we can be the strong, safe, and confident person that we want to be.  Krav Maga is all about inflicting maximum damage as fast as possible and getting away.  This mentality is the basis of our self defense.

MMA/Combat Sports/Traditional Martial Arts: Unarmed Discipline

Sometimes people square up.  Sometimes you just gotta know how to throw a punch, defend a takedown, or kick someone in the face.  I’ve earned a black belt in Taekwondo, have trained in MMA gyms, and have trained with numerous senseis, sifus, coaches, etc. over the years.  Although there is some overlap between the arts, each art has something unique to offer its practitioners.  We use the striking methods of Boxing, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, and MMA.  We also use the grappling skills of MMA, Wrestling, Judo, and Muay Thai within our system.  We train to keep our eyes sharp and our mind in the fight while being punched, kicked, or otherwise. Fighting is not self defense, but knowing how to can greatly supplement your self defense skills.   This is the discipline in which we spar under various, educational rulesets, all with the end goal of self defense in mind.   

Kali/Escrima/Arnis: Weapons Discipline

This is the martial art that has captured my heart.  I have been practicing Filipino Martial Arts for around 10 years.  Sometimes people attack others with weapons.  Sometimes you need to wield a weapon to protect yourself in a lethal threat scenario.  Kali (also known as Escrima or Arnis) is a Filipino Martial Arts system that teaches its students how to fight with sticks, knives, and improvised weapons.  Subsequently, students also learn to defend themselves against said weapons.  The most wonderful thing about Kali is that one learns the movements of all weapon styles at once.  When the threat level reaches lethal, a weapon is a great equalizer in the right hands.  

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